Selection of Tutors

我們會提供各科目的本地或外籍上門導師,為不同課程提供私人補習,例如 IGCSE,GCSE,A-Level,IBMYP,IB,HKDSE 或者 IELTS。無論是英文,中文,數學,科學還是任何其他科目。我們為您提供上門導師。

We provide a wide variety of both local and native English speaking private tutors to choose from. Tuition is available for a variety of subjects in different curriculums such as IGCSE, GCSE, A-Levels, IBMYP, IB, HKDSE and IELTS. Whether it be English, Chinese, Maths, Science or any other subjects. We have a selected private tutor for you.

Any time, Anywhere.


Want to enjoy a private tutoring class at the comfort of your own home? Forget all the troubles of commuting to a tutor centre. Our selected tutors go directly to your home for your convenience.

Verification Process


All selected private tutors have been verified by our team. Tutor qualifications and certifications will be presented to you at your free 1 hour trial lesson.

Meet your private tutor


We understand that when it comes to tutoring. Expert communication skills, the ability to build caring relationships with students, excellent preparation and organisation skills are important. That's why we enable our clients to communicate with a selected tutor to let you decide whether the tutor is a right fit for you.

Quick & Easy


Say goodbye to the long and arduous process of setting up an account. Simply fill in an approximately 3 minute survey and we'll do the rest.

Referral System

有無朋友或者家人尋找上門私人導師?即刻推薦他們,並獲得高達 $400 HKD 獎勵金。

Know people who are looking for private tutors? Refer them now and be rewarded up to $400 HKD.

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點解申請 Grafter ?

✓ 在自己家中享受私人上門補習課堂
✓ 免費提供1小時試堂
✓ 父母 / 學生完全免收任何服務費
✓ 驗證過程幫您精選最適合您的上門導師
✓ 快速簡便的3分鐘申請流程
✓ 政府註冊公司
✓ 客戶服務

好消息 ! 無需慢長申請帳戶過程。

Why apply with Grafter ?

✓ Enjoy private tutoring lessons at the comfort of your own home
✓ Parents / Students are completely free of service charges
✓ Verified and Hand-Picked private tutors most suitable for you
✓ Quick & Easy 3 minute application process
✓ Government registered company
✓ Fast and Responsive direct customer service

Good news. No account set-up process required.

Referral System


Upon completion of a successful referral. That person shall be rewarded up to $400 HKD.


Client hourly rate per student per hour 時率(每學生)$ Reward 獎勵金

Please note that referral rewards are calculated based on the hourly rate and number of students referred listed on the table above. Each referral is capped at $400 HKD. However, referrals are unlimited. Referral rewards will only be issued if the trial class is successful and the tutor is officially selected by the parent / student.

請注意,推薦次數無限,每堂以推薦學生人數及時率來計算最高可獲$ 400 HKD。 導師試堂成功才會派發推薦獎勵金。

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Why become a private tutor with Grafter ?

✓ Flexible working hours allow you to work when you want
✓ Hand-Picked clients near your location to minimise travel time
✓ Quick Hand-Over of client
✓ Establish a relationship and keep your client after the initial 1 hour trial lesson
✓ Quick & Easy 3 minute application process
✓ Government registered company
✓ Fast and Responsive direct communication service

Good news. No account set-up process required.

點解成為 Grafter 上門導師 ?

✓ 靈活工作時間
✓ 精選靠近您的客戶,減少交通時間
✓ 快速轉介客戶
✓ 完成最初1小時試堂後,與您的客戶建立長遠關係
✓ 快速簡便的3分鐘申請流程
✓ 政府註冊公司
✓ 通訊服務

好消息 ! 無需慢長申請帳戶過程。

Fees for parents/students

父母 / 學生收費


Service charge is 100% free for Parents / Students. The initial 1 hour trial lesson is completely free of charge. For all subsequent lessons, you set the price.

Price Per Student Per hour 時率(每學生)Secondary School Student 中學生University Student 大學生University Graduate 大學畢業生Employed Teacher/Tutor 專職老師
K1 - K3$100$120$140$180
P1 - P3$120$140$160$200
P4 - P6$140$160$180$220
S1 - S3$160$180$200$270
S4 - S6$180$220$240$320
University student 大學生$200$260$300$400
Adult 成人$220$280$320$420

✴ 以上是上門私人導師每小時收費的建議價錢。請注意,這只是一個建議價表,根據情況,每個案例的每小時收費可能會有所不同。價錢由您決定。如果您對上門私人導師的試堂滿意,您必須繼續與上門私人導師進行至少4堂。

✴ The above is a price guide for our private tutors. Please note that the price table is only a recommendation and approximation for the hourly rate of our private tutors. Each individual case is different and subject to its own price. Ultimately you set the price. If you are satisfied with your private tutor's trial lesson, you must continue with your private tutor for at least 4 lessons.

Fees for private tutors


Free application and free direct communication service.


Service charge $

We at Grafter understand the struggles of constant service charges for every lesson you complete. That's why we have a quick hand-over system for you to keep and maintain your relationship with your client.

➤ The service charge for our tutors is equal to the first 2 lessons of tuition fee as the agency fee. That's it.
➤ Example: If your class is duration is 1 hour, our service charge is equal to 2 hours of your hourly rate. If your class duration is 1.5 hours, our service charge is equal to 3 hours of your hourly rate.
➤ After you complete 2 lessons. All future payments go directly from the client to you.



➤ 我們的導師收費等於您2堂補習費

Contact us!


Reach us through WhatsApp, Instagram or Facebook. We look forward to hearing from you.

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